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The Next Generation Anti-Virus Manifesto

According to the 2015 Verizon DBIR report, up to 90% of the malware faced by organizations today are repackaged variants of older versions. So why can’t AV solutions stop them? It’s time to evolve our endpoints. It’s time to raise the bar for the attackers. It’s time for the next generation of AV.

  • Signatures Are Obsolete
    A next-generation antivirus needs to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning instead of virus definition databases and signatures.

  • Proactive Not Reactive
    A true next-generation antivirus needs to automatically block threats on the endpoint before they’re able to execute without human involvement.

  • Evolve With The Attacks
    A next-generation antivirus needs to provide protection even if it hasn’t been updated in days, weeks or even months.

  • No Cloud Required 
    Existing solutions are almost completely useless without a cloud connection. The next-generation of antivirus needs to protect even offline devices.

  • Low Impact
    A next-generation antivirus needs to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, demand only little resources and be easy to manage.

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