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About Us

Our Story

The founding members of Infogressive worked previously as network and security experts for various carriers and enterprises and crossed paths in their careers at Alltel (later Verizon Wireless). A consensus among friends and co-workers about the state of security in the enterprise led to the idea of Infogressive. With a strong background in security, networking and applications Infogressive was born with the mission that pushy salesmen and ingrained tendencies to buy the biggest and fanciest new security equipment is not the best way to tackle the IT security problems that exist in the enterprise.

What We Do

Infogressive was founded upon a single focus: Information security. We reduce risk by creating defense-in-depth networks and we help implement best practices. We achieve this mission through three primary means:

  • We acquire and continually train elite talent that prioritizes customer service and executing our standards of excellence.
  • We identify market leading, effective technologies that reduce risk economically.  We become experts on these technologies to help our clients learn and leverage them into their environments.
  • We build and maintain a network of close, trusted relationships with people involved in the cyber security space all over the world. These relationships include: Information security experts, government, law enforcement, private industry, and academia. These relationships help us stay abreast of what is going on in our industry now and in the future. It also allows us to engage these relationships when needed, as we are the first to admit we can’t know everything.

We live and breathe security. Some call us paranoid, some call us nerds; we call ourselves vigilant cyber security experts. While the world is being educated about what we do through daily headlines about breaches, we work tirelessly to make sure our clients aren’t part of the media frenzy that is sure to continue for decades to come.