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Best Price Approach

Many of our manufacturer partners are sensitive about us advertising their pricing online or our lowest prices.  While we think it's a bit silly and we think this whole Internet thing is here to stay, we aren't the type to spend our time arguing the merits of capitalism and competition. We would rather spend our time helping our customers secure their networks.  

So in the spirit of "just getting along" we don't advertise our best prices on all of our products.  If you are shopping based on price alone (we're guilty sometimes too), or you're just looking to save some cash, we encourage you to submit your contact details on the form below and you'll hear from one of our happy and passionate Security Account Managers lightning fast.

Competitive Price Matching

Our entire company from top to bottom is competitive.  We keep score when we play miniature golf.  Fantasy football is a cutthroat winner take all affair.  So needless to say we don't like losing to anyone.

This is good news for you, because we will match any competitive quote for any product we sell.  We will also attempt to match any competitive services quote if we can determine that the service is directly comparable to our offering.  Bottom line, we want your business and we want to help protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.