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HIPAA Risk Assessment 101-200 IPs


HIPAA Risk Assessment 101-200 IPs

$ 9,000.00

Infogressive has developed the HIPAA Risk Assessment (HRA) framework in order to provide a quick and cost effective way of evaluating an organization’s risk relating to information security. An HRA can be executed in a fraction of the time required for a complete information security assessment. At the same time, we are able to offer a fully customized analysis, with a report written specifically for your organization. We do not rely primarily on automated tools and automatically generated reports like most security audit firms do, nor do we spend a great deal of time analyzing paper policies.


Infogressive’s method is based off a number of standards, extensive training, experience and best practices. Most of our training and standards come from the following sources: SANS, NIST, CIS, ISC2 and Microsoft. One of our core beliefs is to build and encourage a defense-in-depth strategy for our clients. Our health risk assessment will start the process of achieving defense-in-depth.


A prioritized road map, a full vulnerability scan report, and our detailed recommendations on how to improve your organization's security.